Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rite-Aid Haul

Hubster got home at a reasonable time yesterday and asked how I was feeling.  For the first time in a week or so, the headache was "tolerable", so we decided to grab something to eat for dinner.  I only ate a BLT and fries but that was the first real food that I have eaten in 5 days!  It tasted oh so yummy.

On our way home, he needed to stop at Rite-Aid and told me that he had seen they had nail polish on sale for 75% off.  I wasn't planning on getting out of the car until he said that to me LOL.

They had select brands/colors but I noticed that the entire  nail polish line was 75% off.  Normally, these are $8.00 a bottle.  What a deal!  I grabbed all of the colors that I liked :)  From L-R are:

Palermo Plum
Stellare Notte
Espresso Brown
Carnevale Grape
Buon Viggio Mauve
Felice Tangerine
Enro Green

And, since it was 75% off as well, I also grabbed Sally Hansen's Save The Dance.  I can't wait to play around with these colors.  w00t!


JenBunni said...

Nice Haul Danielle I cant wait to see swatches of that golden green one

Dani said...

That's probably the first one I will swatch :)

Sara said...

Nice haul!

Hirsita Dixit said...
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