Tuesday, February 14, 2012

EPIC Acrylic Nail Balance FAIL

Without acrylics, I have man hands.  Pudgy stubs that have a nail with no substance.  My real nails have no thickness and are soft and brittle.  It doesn't matter what awesome product I use, I just don't like the look of my natural nails.

Last July for my b-day, I treated myself to acrylics.  Ever since then, I have been getting a balance about every two weeks or so.  I can not stand the look of my natural nails growing from the cuticle and my real nails grow fast.  Paying $40 a month was starting to tick me off.

So, I came up with a brilliant idea and decided to go to Sally's and buy a DIY acrylic kit.  Now, I realize there is a reason these girls have a license.  Even though I followed instructions to the T, I messed up BIGTIME.

Having dried acrylic OVER your cuticles isn't fun and it hurt.  I have no clue how it got all over the place(maybe I was being overly messy), but I had to run to the store and buy pure acetone.  The soaking process took forever and I STILL didn't get all the acrylic off.

I am gonna feel like the biggest goober going back to my manicurist and telling her the story.  *sigh*  Lession learned, let the pro's handle the stuff that I don't nothing about.

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