Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mini Haul & Nail Mail

Tuesday was an ah-mazing day for me.  Hubster and I went to Ulta to use my gift certificate that I received for Christmas.  There, I bought Butter London's Fairy Lights & Tart With A Heart that came on this adorable dresser which was just made out of cardboard.  Wallis has been on my lemmings list, so I picked that up too.  Oh Butter London, where have you been my whole life!  I've seen many colors swatched but didn't think that I wanted to pay $14 for a bottle of polish.  So worth it.

In the mail that day, I got BL The Black Knight, which I simply adore.  A must have for all.  I felt so regal when I tried it on ;)  Also, I got a few mini bottles of OPI's Touring America collection and my It Girl Collection from Julep arrived as well.

In the kit was Hayden, a sherbet orange color, Leah, a green grass color, and Megan, a tealish color, as well as their topcoat.

Tonight, if hubby gets home at a reasonable time, I need to get a balance done and do believe that I am taking Wallis with me!

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Imajo velik dan!

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