Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Green is the color for depression awareness

In 1998, after finding out that I was unable to have children, I was diagnosed with recurring major clinical depression and panic disorder. It has been an uphill battle, each and every single day. I am not ashamed nor embarrassed to admit
it. I own it. Depression does not define who I am as an individual, it simple is apart of my "cosmetic makeup". Many years of trial and error in trying to find the right medications, I am able to carry on the best way that I know how. 
 Depression has beaten me down over the years, but I have always been able to pick myself back up, brush myself off and keep on trucking through every trial and tribulation. Many things have come my way since 1998 like losing many loved ones and coping with my own health issues. Seeing the aftermath of Lee's suicide, I was diagnosed with PTSD. I have learned that what doesn't kill me, has made me stronger, and that I am a survivor. Green is the color for depression awareness. And, in "honor" of all of us who are true survivors, I will wear it proudly.

Which should I wear? OPI Just Spotted A Lizard or Butter London Wallis?

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